Monday, May 28, 2007

Civil Defence Course and SANA Anti Drug Course

Dear all,

pls take note of the following courses which you had signed up. Absentees for these courses will not be given subsidy for future courses.

SANA Anti Drug Course
Date - 8 June 2007, Fri Time - 8.15am to 6pm
Attire - Full Scout Uniform

Location: SANA HQ No 2 Sengkang Square #05- 01 Sengkang Community Hub

Instructions :
Meet Fabian Tan at 8am at Sengkang MRT before proceeding to Sengkang Square. You are required to do a pre course on-line registration by 31 May.
Go to the below website and submit the form.

Civil Defence Course

Date - 7 June 2007, Thurs
Time - 8.30am to 2pm
Attire - Full Scout Uniform (bring a spare T Shirt)

Location: Civil Defence 3rd Division No. 533, Yishun Industrial Park A # 01-01

Meet Changda at the Yishun Bus Interchange to take Bus 811 at 7.45am. Do not be late.

List of CD Course Participants

(Course i/c - Avester Lau. You are to ensure all participants are punctual for the course. )

1. Anand Ravindran
2. Chew Wen Jie
3. Chong Wei Lun Eugene
4. Chua Zhi Yuan
5. Heng Yi Zen
6. Lakshmanan Ramasamy
7. Liaw Zhong-Wei
8. Lim Chan An
9. Ng Junwei Donavon
10. Ong Zi Quan Gerard
11. See Han Hao Brennan
12. Wee Shou Jun Ivan
13. Yip Hao Yang
14. Lau Seng Teck Avester
15. Fawwaz Bin Firdous
16. Foo Shuen Hao Jason
17. Koh Hui Hong Calten
18. Poh Shao Zhe Nicholas

see below instructions from HQ with regards to the Civil Defence Course........
Just a reminder that your Scouts are enrolled for the upcoming March intakes for the Civil Defence courses. Enclosed below are some general instructions from SCDF for your Scouts to adhere to. Your Scouts are reminded to be in full uniform and in their best behavior for the course. Writing materials are to be brought along. Any misbehavior for any attending Scout will result in immediate disqualification for the course (non- refundable). Do remind the Scouts to be present at least 15 minutes earlier before the start time so as to assist in kicking off the course on time.
1) Nearest MRT station is Yishun. Bus servicing the area are 169, 811
2) The name of the conducting officer is LTA Ridwan.
3) The course starts at 0830 hrs and will end at around 1300 hrs (depending on the size of the participants). There will be a tea-break at around 1000 hrs and if the course should stretch to 1400 hrs, then lunch will be at 1230 hrs. SCDF do "not" provide meals and participants can consume their meals at the nearby coffee shops just across the road at their own expense.
4) Participants are required to bring along their own writing materials and note books.
5) Participants are also advised "not" to bring along expensive belongings e.g. walkman, discman, digital/video cameras or MP3 players as the camp will not be held responsible if they are lost through negligence though we take every precaution possible to ensure the safety and security of the participants' belongings

Group Scout Leader

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