Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scout Meeting on the 26 May 2007

Dear all,

refer to the meeting outline for this Sat Scout Meeting.

The Scout Standard Tests (First Aid) and The Advanced Standard (Outdoor Precautions) will be held next week (2 Jun 07) together with this Sat Lecture.

The Civil Defence Course will be held on the 7th May. The Course Fee of $3 will be fully paid by the Scout Group. All Sec 1s (less Timothy), Avester, Jason, Calten, Nicholas andFawwaz are to attend this course. More details on the venue and reporting time on Monday.

The SANA Anti Drug Course will be held on the 8th May. ALL Sec 2s (less Jacky) are to attend this course. Go the the SANA Website to do a pre course registration. You must do so before the course for attendance recording purposes.

The SANA Course Fee is $8. You need to pay $4 to PL Lim Shu Liang this Sat. The Scout Group will subsidise the rest. ALL absentees for both the course will pay 100% of the course fee.

Group Scout Leader

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