Thursday, May 31, 2007

June Group Camp and Donation Draw 2007

Dear all,

June Group Camp 2007
The June Group Camp 2007 Consent Form is now available. Pls print and get your parents to sign it. Return the form to your Patrol Leaders. The form will also be distributed this Sat if you have problem printing it.

Click here to download Consent form for June Group Camp 2007

SSA Donation Draw Deadlines and Collection Dates
The deadline for the Scout Group to return to HQ is 11 Aug. BUT we will be returning on the 4 Aug in view of our tentative Campfire on the 11 Aug.

As such, there will be 3 collection day.
First : 23 Jun 2007, Sat - immediately after the designated Donation Draw Sales Day.
Second : 21 Jul 2007, Sat
Last / Group Deadline :
28 Jul 2007, Sat

All distributed DD Tickets are expected to be sold. Do not burden your parents. You are expected to complete at least 15 tickets before the 23 Jun Sales Day. The remaining to be sold during the 23 Jun Sales Day.

Squirrel Award - a Total of 70 tickets to qualify. (same as last year)

Group Scout Leader

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