Monday, April 17, 2006

SSA Donation Draw Tickets

Dear all,

The Singapore Scout Association Donation Draw Tickets are ready for collection!
You are required to meet at the Scout Den this Tues (18 April @1.45pm) for a 15 minutes general briefing before collecting the booklets from your respective sec 3 Patrol Leaders.

The Distribution of booklets will be as follows.
ALL sec 1 to 3 Scouts will each receive 5 booklets (10 tickets per book, each ticket is $2).
ALL sec 4 Scouts will each receive 2 booklets (no change from last year).

However, those Scouts who did less than a day of Job Week will receive 3 additional booklets. (Wei An, Darryl)

ALL sec1 to 4 Scouts who raised less than $200 during Job Week will be given 1 additional book. It’s not a punishment for these people. We would like this group of Scouts to do a little more for the Scout Group for the last fund raising of the year.
(Jordan, Yu Hui, Irsyad, Terence, Amsyar, Amzar, Ziyad, Brayn Koh, Gabriel, Nazri, Nicholas Pang. Eugene)

There will be no rewards or incentives for Donation Draw. However, you will be awarded the SSA Squirrel Award if you sell at least 7 booklets! You can only request additional books from me once your assigned number of books is completely sold!

There will be 3 collection dates for sold books and monies. The tentative dates are:
20 or 27 May, 24 June and the last date is 29 July.

ALL books not returned by the 29 July shall be considered sold to the owner of these books. ALL lost books are considered sold to the respective owners.

Every year we do not return to HQ partially sold booklets. ALL Books distributed are expected to be sold. The Scout Group will be organizing at least 1 Sales on a Sat meeting (tentatively 20 May). Usually, the sales will help Scouts to sell at least 3 books. DO NOT BURDEN YOUR PARENTS TO PURCHASE ALL THE ASSIGNED BOOKS. However, if parents would like to help to sell your assigned books, they are most welcome!

Please take this fund raising seriously! The Scout Group Target is to sell at least 300 books!

Last year’s top prize (A Subaru Matrix Car) in the Donation Draw was won by Jonathan Goh (our Sec 4 Scout last year)! Maybe you will be the winner this year?

See you all this Tues @1.45pm.

Group Scout Leader

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