Wednesday, April 12, 2006

68th Campfire....

Dear all,
we have successfully staged yet another spectacular campfire! Every person I've spoken to has only good compliments to make about the campfire. It's not difficult if you want to know what others are saying about our campfire. Just Google Blog Search "VS Campfire" . There are plenty of good comments!

I would like all our 57 boys (even if you have tagged your comments) and Adult Leaders to give your personal comments on the 68th Campfire; whether good or bad you will not be "GUNNED"! You may want to comment on the preparations, the campfire itself, your hope and wish for the 69th Campfire or drop a line of appreciation to those in the CAMPFIRE Team! Let's hear from all of you. The comments will be use as reference for planning the 69th Campfire. Pls use your real name!

more photos are available at.....the password is arrow
68th Campfire Photos


Wil Beng said...

As far as the Campfire atmosphere, I think this is the BEST one I had in my 26 years with Arrow.

We must thank GOD for blessing us with such good weather every year. The Campfire will not be successful without hard work put in by the sec 4s and sec 3s, in particular the Troop Leader Xianyi. Sec 2 and sec 1s were also great in supporting all logistics matters on Sat. I sincerely hope all our sec 4s have learned a lot from this Campfire. Do cascade the learning to the sec 3 PLs so they can do better next year!

Thanks also go out to our Adult Leaders, esp. Dexter, the AL i/c for the whole event and Kai Urn who took time off from his Exams preparation. Not forgetting Cobra, Guangjie, Say Heng, Kesheng, Wei Keong. Also the old boys and former Scouters Shiyong, Ray, Zhiqiang, Ling Han, Wayne and Tuan Woon. Without these people, the campfire may not be as successful.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the sponsor of the laser effects, Mr. Ong Hui Woo, a former Arrow Scouter and boss of Victoria Tutorial Centre.

Tan Wil Beng
Group Scout Leader

aNdRe said...

I think that the campfire was really fun, especially when we were singing ''tong hua''.. =)

Anonymous said...

ey, bryanK here,
kool campfire, i love the lazer effects and the smoke effects.
but the lazer kinda contradic(duno how to spell) to the theme(indians), u see, indians dun use lazers.....

BUt our eforts paid off, and seeing that our campfire was sucessful made me feel that working extra hard is no big deal to me if the end product is so rewarding and sucessful.....

Good job.....but i trust that we will make an even better campfire next year and truly blast the other skool's campfires off.

and i still dun get why cedar banned us from their campfire....anyway, keep up the good job*salute*