Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gunung Panti updates (1)

Dear all,

below are the scouts who had expressed interest in the Panti Trip.

updated list on 19 May 06, 9.10pm
Sec 1s

1. Jacky Heng
2. Yu Hui
3. Janus Kiong
4. Hamzah
5. Wee Loong
6. Andre Sim
7. Bryan Yong

Sec 2s
8. Sean Ho
9. Shervin
10. Irsyad
11. Zhi Cong
12. Xiu Qi
13. James Wong
14. Shu Liang

Sec 3s
15. Derrick Fun
16. Nicholas Ho
17. Xurong
18. Geng Hao
19. Adriel Ong
20. Jordan Neo
21. Kevin Hong

We had a meeting with the Organiser today. We will likely to go for the 16 to 17 June option i.e an overnight stay up on the summit! The cost per head is still being work out but it's likely to be kept around $80 (includes transport, seafood dinner on day 2, insurance coverage etc). There will be some subsidies but do not expect much!
more updates soon....

Group Scout Leader


bryan yong said...

i would like to go for the gunung panti trip please.

Kevin Hong said...

I will go as well.