Tuesday, April 04, 2006

68th Campfire Instructions (1)

Dear all,

  1. sec 1s and 2s , fall in at 9am instead of 8am this Sat. 8 Apr 06.
  2. Do not wear your Scout Uniform when you fall in. Fall in PT attire.
  3. Preserve your Uniform for the Campfire.
  4. Sec 3s & 4s are to bring along their ARROW SCARF. same for Zhicong, Sean Ho, Shervin.
  5. ALL (sec 1 to 4) are to bring along a piece of RAG for the campfire. Pass it to PL Washington Adriel Ong. The RAG will be use for cleaning purposes.
  6. ALL to hand up consent forms IMMEDIATELY to Nicholas Pang or Xianyi if you have not done so.

Look out for more instructions before Friday!

4 more days to Campfire!
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