Sunday, January 28, 2007

NSPC Training

Dear all,

WE are moving in the right direction!

Our TEAMS are improving in their events timing.

A recap of today's performance.
1. Blindfold Tentage - 1 min 27 sec
2. Chariot Race - 1 min 49 sec
3. 3-2-1 Flag Pole - 3 min 47 sec
4. Sourgrapes - 1 min 15 sec
5. Roman Canon Ball - best shot at 20m
6. Pioneering Skills - completed barebone structure
7. Logging - 'improvement in techniques'

besides an overall improvement in the timing, I am delighted and pleased to see various scouts pushing their own endurance / physical limits. One such scout is Ho Yu Hui. You must be surprise to see Yu Hui pushing himself so hard today!

The 3-2-1 Flagpole has also displayed untiring efforts to break the sub-4min barrier. Now their next target is sub-3min. I am hopeful this Team will be on par with or better than our last 321 Team which clinched 2nd Position in the last competition!

Sour Grape Team will continue to surprise us with better timing. A below 1 min timing may just be the timing for the Sour Grape Team for next week! Keep up that spirit and I am sure we will not have any probelm reaching the Finals!

Other Focus for next week day training
1. Blindfold Team continues to register below 1 min 30 sec timing before aiming for below 1 min Goal.
2. Roman Canon Ball re structure the catapult for greater distance.
3. Pioneering Team completing the Bare Bone Structure below 3 hrs.

4. Chariot Race - improve on Lashing Timing and Race Time. Goal is below 1 min 30 sec.
5. Logging Team to build up physical endurance and strength.

Lastly, I urge each and everyone of you to continue to strive for better results and thank all trainers who have put in so much today. Lastly and most importantly, parents who have shown such good support and "tolerance" to all our "extended" training hours.

Thank You!

Group Scout Leader

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