Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scout Meeting for 20 Jan 2007

Dear all,
refer to the attached for the programme for this Sat.

Reminders :
1. Attire is "Group Polo with Scout Pant"

2. Scoutcraft Trial/Training is after meeting this Sat. You are to be present for the trials for events you signed up last Sat. We will finalised the TEAMS and Reserve this Sat after Trials. You are strongly advised to make alternate arrangements for all prior engagements to attend this Trial/Training session. Dismissal Time is at 6pm.

3. Prepare for your respective progress Tests.
Sec 2s - Set a Map (& any of your outstanding tests). Refer to Xurong if in doubt.

Sec 1s -
1. You are reminded to turn up this Sat (20 Jan).
2. Bring along a set of extra PE Attire and a set of writing materials (Note Book and pens).
3. You are welcome to attend trials this Sat for the National Scoutcraft and Pioneering Competition scheduled on the 10 Feb 2007.

Group Scout Leader

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