Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sec 2s Outdoor Cooking Test

Dear all,

All sec 2s Scouts will be taking the Outdoor Cooking Test this Sat (6 Jan 2007). Please go through the following files thoroughly. Additional instructions have been emailed to you.

Click here for the Test Group
Click here for the Cook a Meal Lecture Notes
Click here for the Cook a Meal Practical Test Requirements

You are to bring a set of Mess Tin for the Test. No condiments will be provided except cooking oil. However all groceries like rice, potaotes, eggs, flour will be provided. You are strongly advised to bring small qty of seasoning stuffs like sauces, salt etc.

All Sec 3s will instruct this test. You are to arrange a meeting time with your Group sec 2s to provide instructions. All dry firewoods must be collected before the test this Sat.

Group Scout Leader

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