Monday, January 08, 2007

Reminders for Sec 1s wanting to join Scouts

Dear Sec 1s,

if you are thinking of joining the Scouts as your Main CCA, do remember to opt Scouts as your 1st Choice CCA. You will most likely be posted to your 1st Choice CCA.

You are also reminded to turn up for the 1st Scout Meeting. The details are as follows :
Date: 13 Jan 2007, Sat
Time: 8am to 1.15pm
Attire : VS School T Shirt and Short (bring an extra set of attire)
Bring along writing materials (an excercise book and pens)

If you are a Sec 2 and wants to join Scouts, pls see Ms Reny immediately for follow up.

Look out for more details at this blogsite.

Group Scout Leader

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